Raise A Monster When Re:Legend Hits Early Access In August

Re:Legend is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on 30 August 2019. Get your farming gear on because the livestock here is just as likely to breathe fire as lay eggs.

Sick of hunting monsters, tired of trying to catch them all only to get another Magicarp? Re:Legend might be for you. Developed by Malaysia’s Magnus Games Studio and published by 505 games, Re:Legend is a charming tale that takes typical monster pet madness and turns it into something a little more collaborative.

After smashing their initial Kickstarter campaign back in 2017, Magnus started production on this cute JPRG and it looks like it was worth the wait. Re:Legend is a hybrid that combines farming, life-simulation systems, and some serious monster raising mechanics. Players who find themselves washed up on the shores of the mysterious Vokkal Island will spend their time trying to build a life on this wonderful backdrop. As players come together to co-operate and expand this village they can participate in a range of fun activities. Farming the land, breeding and catching fish, befriending inhabitants, crafting weaponry and training for combat are just some of the day to day tasks that will help players to survive the challenges of Vokkal.

More experienced members of this population stand a good chance of taming and raising the Magnus, magical creatures that inhabit this amazing new world. With a Magus on their side, players can venture out into the wilderness, face unknown threats, and find even more powerful Magus. While some Monster Hunter’s don’t have much of a plot, heroes that end up on Vokkal will begin their quest in an effort to regain a lost memory and only the power of the Magus can bring this back.

Re:Legend makes a monstrous Early Acces appearance on 30 August and will set you back around £15,49 or your local equivalent. Find out more about this charming new game over at the official steam store page now.

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  1. I kickstarted this one.

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