Ready Player One VR apps launch on HTC

It took less than one year but HTC’s VR partnership with Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One has become a reality (virtual). HTC has announced that the first three Ready Player One VR apps are live in the Viveport store for the Vive headsets.

Independently designed by three different studios, the first three apps are housed within the beta version of Oasis, named after the upcoming film’s VR hub.

  • Steel Wool Studios’ Battle for the Oasis takes you to the planet Doom. Here you will fight off waves of IOI Sixers.
  • Directive Games’ Gauntlet gives you access to a bow and arrow, you have to fight off monsters in a dungeon, almost seeming like a classic Atari game.
  • Drifter Entertainment’s Rise of the Gunters is yet another game where you will face the IOI Sixers.

Based on the successful 2011 book by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One is a story about one boy and his quest to unlock all of the mysteries of a VR world called Oasis. This world focuses heavily on classic video games, popular culture, and movies.

The film is expected to show virtual reality to a generation of people who have seen but not experienced the VR headsets in action. It has inspired quite a few VR and Video game collaborations, including HTC’s partnership, a Roblox reproduction on the movie’s mission, and TheWaveVR’s Distracted Globe social VR experience by Southwest festival for the South.

At least five other titles were made available for HTC Vive as of the film’s release date of March 29.

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