Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Launches On Steam and Consoles In September 2020

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Steam Console

Get ready to explode into a new outer space adventure. Double Damage Games has just confirmed Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is coming to Steam and Console platforms on 22 September 2020.

Propelling gamers off into the stratosphere and beyond, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is now due to land on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam later this month. After spending nearly a year docked over on the Epic Games Store, this month finds even more gamers getting into this cockpit. The imminent launch of this upcoming epic space adventure is a prequel to 2015’s much loved Rebel Galaxy, but don’t expect the rest of the experience to go backwards in time. Initially teased in 2018, rebel Galaxy Outlaw looks set to build on the confident swagger of Double Damage’s previous outing into the cosmos, but really deliver the goods.

Taking the role of Juno Markev, an outlaw and smuggler who managed to get out of the business, players will find themselves drawn back into a dangerous game. After an encounter at a shady bar with some suspect characters, you find your ship is totally trashed and somehow you end up in debt. With one slim chance to dig out of a backwater dumpster of a planet, you set out on a single-player story campaign that might see you make bank and succeed, or just blown up into stardust.

Featuring a vast playground to explore and tons of arcade-style space combat, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw looks set to be a cross between old school arcade fighter sims and the every anime fan’s Cowboy Bebop fantasy. A fittingly cool, soundtrack accompanies this adventure as players set out to upgrade their ship, haul cargo, swindle the right mark, and maybe just hustle some unsuspecting travellers at the local casino. With an array of colorful characters, some awsome aesthetics, and huge explosions Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is as good as it looks. For now, I’m just going to go watch the trailer again and head over to the official website for more detail now that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has an imminent Steam and console release..

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