Reboot a Friend Beta Campaign Begins in Fortnite


There are several small, but significant updates to Fornite this week. Among them is a new campaign for existing players to encourage their friends to return to the game. Called “Reboot a Friend”, the campaign is in a beta phase. It asks players to choose a name from their friends’ list who’s been absent from the squad for at least 30 days. If the player comes back, the two can earn some sweet loot by playing matches together. Across 20 matches, special rewards will be handed out at 1, 5, 10, and 20 matches played. Goodies include Emoticons, Lobby Tracks, a Pickaxe, and Wrap.

To help players make good choices on who and when to reboot, Epic has provided a handy dandy FAQ that includes all the info anyone could possibly need. The most interesting tidbit of information is the fact that Reboot a Friend is currently in beta testing so players can only invite one friend to come back for the time being. Once the program goes live, it is presumed that players will be able to invite more friends and score more loot.

In other news, today marks the launch of the v15.10 update that is presumed to include the annual holiday event, Winterfest. While we have literally zero details — Epic does like to keep things under wraps — we do know that there will be a number of performance improvements that should bring some impressive FPS boosts for folks playing on lower-end configurations.

There are also big things coming for Save the World, Creative Mode, and next-gen consoles.

Check out all of the links above or head straight to the Fortnite official site to find all the news for yourself.

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