Reborn Mark Of The Blood Revealed

Reborn Mark of the Blood is about to bring the end of the world. Italian developer Exodus Team has just dropped a trailer for this sci-fi JRPG and it looks awesome.

Set in the near future, 2066 doesn’t bode well for humanity. The environmental impact of global warming became the least of the future’s problems when a storm of red meteorites landed, obliterating the surface of the planet. Only a single city survived that barrage, thanks to a single maverick scientist. Now only 66666 people survive as the remaining vestige of society, and life can be tough.


With the 66666 split into a series of citywide castes, conflict is rife. People tussle for control and everyone seems to have their own agenda. While the populous deal with their daily struggles, the game’s protagonist is confronted by the news that another massive meteorite is falling to Earth and humanity’s future is at stake.

The team behind this ambitious new IP are quick to promise some impressive features. Reborn Mark Of The Blood includes the same sort of narrative arc and side quests that you would expect from a top tier JRPG with a few twists. Combat seems to be varied, allowing players to fight with bare hands or weapons. While we do not know if this is turn-based or active combat quite yet, we do know that there will also be the possibility of turning into a demon.

Reborn Mark Of The Blood can be played with up to four characters and quests lines may not have just one final goal. Beyond the player characters, the in-game NPCs sound like something special. Each NPC has its own life story and interacts with the player via a text bar. Each of these individuals is randomly generated on every play through and learn from the player’s interactions with the surrounding world.

Exodus has only given us a small glimpse of what to expect from Reborn Mark Of The Blood but it looks to have all the hallmarks of a solid JRPG with some ambitious new elements. We’re hoping to bring you more details about the game soon. Until then you can check out the reveal trailer above and the official website.

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  1. Thank you for the very nice preview!

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