Recent Updates for Old School RuneScape Ended the 17-years Story

Old School Runescape

Reading the comments of modern players, addicted to a photorealistic picture, it is difficult to understand how Old School RuneScape could have appeared. However, it has not only appeared but gained huge popularity in the gaming world. You may not know, that OSRS is a truly old-school MMORPG with graphics and mechanics that were popular in the past.

Song of the Elves is a recent update for Old School RuneScape. It includes a Grandmaster level as the quest completes one of the longest storylines in video game history. The Elf Quest series started back in 2002 and was the first in Runescape. However, now it is time to finish the story.

After the quest completing, you will gain access to a new location, which combines the old-school version of the game and modern RuneScape. If you boost your skills or buy RuneScape gold, it will help you to reach a higher level.

The Pre-story

The game starts with a hero responding to a call for help to Edmond, the inhabitant of Ardougne. Having rescued his daughter Elena from the quarantine zone of West Ardougne, you start noticing the unusual nature of the disease. You find out that the plague is a lie of King Lathas aimed to divide the West lands. During the confrontation, you discover that this was done to secure the Gielinor citizens from the threat in 11 lands.

The Lord asks you to help his ally Lord Lorwerth in his attempts to overtake his brother King Tyras, who has revived the Dark Lord. After the trip through the Underground Pass, your hero joins Lorwerth army to defeat Tyras forever.

On the back road, you suddenly meet a rebel Elf Arianwyn, opposing Lorwerth. He tells you about the Lathas and Lorwerth deceit, who manipulated you to remove their rivals and bring the Dark Lord back to Gielinor for their own purposes. So, you join the Elf to find out the reasons for the plague: it was necessary to hide the dig sites of the lost Temple of Light – the key to bringing the Dark Lond back.

Old School Runescape 2

The Questline

To fix your previous mistakes and ruin the plans of the King and Lord, you have to solve the light puzzle protecting the Death altar inside the temple. After preventing the return of the Dark Lord, you focus on ending the malicious plans of Lorwerth and Lathas in the Song of the Elves.

So, the minimum requirements to start the quest are to achieve Level 70 in:

  • Agility;
  • Construction;
  • Farming;
  • Herblore;
  • Hunting;
  • Mining;
  • Smithing

There are a lot of ways how you could boost your skills. The quickest way requires considerable efforts and cash while the cheapest takes fewer efforts but more time. Whatever you choose, it depends on the result you want to reach.

What is your purpose to play Runescape? What results do you expect to reach? Ask your questions and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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