Red And The Deadly Sins Gets Philosophical Today

Red and the Deadly Sins

I ever thought that in all my years I’d be playing The Divine Comedy but Chinese developer Diantong Intelligence has somehow managed it. Today, Red and the Deadly Sins enters Early Access on Steam.

Developed by a two-man indie team and published by 101XP, Red and the Deadly Sins is a cute little platforming game that doesn’t look half as complicated as it is. The charming cartoon aesthetic and faceless protagonist might seem like a fun way to spend a few hours but this adventure manages to mix an eastern understanding of Dante’s efforts, throw in a range of puzzles and wrapped it up in a Metroidvania encounter.

Players ready to take on this challenge are presented with a series of unassuming 2D platforms and tasked to rid the underworld of deadly sins. In order to vanquish each of these personifications of evil, the game’s protagonist must collect 12 memory per sin. Each set of memories unlocks a true understanding of these entities and allow the hero, Ruby, to cleanse the world. It is not just the big bad that require some understanding. Almost everything I Red and the Deadly Sins hs some sort of subtext or social commentary, form the protagonist’s blank mask to the last boss in the adventure. You can sample this social commentary in the launch trailer below


Red and the Deadly Sins is not all mysticism and understanding, however. Over the course of this indie adventure, players will navigate a range of maps, leap from platform to platform, bash enemies with a sword, and uncover secrets hidden throughout the world. If you are ready to try out something a little different, then Red and the Deadly Sins is in early access right now. The first three levels and their boss fights are already available on the Steam store.

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