Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters Score Big This Week

Red Dead Online

This week is another huge one for Bounty Hunters in Red Dead Online. Those fulfilling that role will have a number of ways to earn some serious cash and XP throughout the week. Activities include a new Legendary Bounty, extra bonuses and rewards, Outlaw Pass No.4, a bevy of discounts, and more.

The Legendary Bounty sends players off to find and take down Carmela “La Muneca” Montez, the erstwhile leader of the Del Lobos gang. La Muneca, “The Doll”, has, according to legend, dead and unloving eyes as she participates in bloody highway robberies. Players will need a Prestigious Bounty Hunter and can pick up her wanted poster at any sheriff’s office. Those who wish to can re-take the poster at a later point in their game session to track her down on a harder difficulty.

All Bounty Hunters can leverage an extra 50% payout for all Bounties including Infamous Bounties. Bounty Boards have been updated with more than enough for a Bounty Hunter looking to make a name and some cash. In addition, Bounty Hunters can also take 30% off all Horses and any BH completing a Legendary Bounty Mission will be able to take another 30% off a Weapon of choice.

Other bonuses and benefits:

  • Hunters and Naturalists should visit Gus anytime between now and the 21st to grab 5 Special Health Cures, 200 Express Rifle Ammo rounds, and 10 pieces of Big Game Meat
  • RDO Outlaw Pass No.4 owners will receive a bonus 5,000 Player XP and 2 Rewards that also include a free Ability Card
  • Bounty Hunters can take 5 Gold Bars off the cost of the Collector’s Bag and Sample Kit
  • Bounty Hunters can take 40% off all cosmetic Collector’s Role Items, Novice, and Promising Naturalist Items

As always, there are goodies for Prime members including a free Bounty Hunter License and an Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery. Prime members will also receive a free Breton Horse and RDO$100.

Check out the Red Dead Online official site to learn more.

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