Red Dead Online Invites You to Partake of Thanksgiving Bonuses

Red Dead Online

It’s Thanksgiving week and no quintessentially American game than Red Dead Online is inviting players to come along to leverage some good old-fashioned bonuses. Players will find a number of ways to earn some extra loot, take advantage of extra bonuses in several events, and even be able to create a Doc Holliday-inspired outfit.

Here’s what RDO players can expect throughout the week:

  • Earn a +50% RDO$ boost on Call to Arms “starting with Valentine until 11-29, followed by Blackwater through 12-6
  • Leverage a +50% bonus to RDO% on all Hardcore Telegram Missions from A Tough Business
  • Boosted Capitale is available across all Blood Money Contracts
  • Take home an offer for 50% off select Outfits up to Rank 15 for completing a Blood Money Contract
  • Finish Covington Emeral Opportunity for 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunting license, Collector’s Bag, Butcher’s Table, Naturalist’s Sample Kit, or the Moonshine Shack. If players already own all these things, they will receive an Offer for a free Role Outfit, Accessory, or Emote
  • Shootout and Team Shootout Modes offer Double RDO$ and XP
  • Players will all receive free Clothing that will allow them to create a Doc-Holliday-Inspired outfit
    • Bowler Hat (Black)
    • Worsted Coat (Black or Gray) or the Hartell Autumn Jacket
    • Antoine Jacket (Black)
    • Frumpy Shirt (White) or the Iniesta Shirtwaist
    • Paisley Vest (Black)
    • Folded String Tie (Black)
    • Clerk Pants (Black) or Buckskin Pants
  • Several Limited-Time Clothing items are making a return for a limited time
  • Up to 40% off several items across the spectrum
  • Prime Gaming bonuses are still available
  • From now through November 25, Butchers are paying 5X RDO$ on Turkeys, Persistent Posse Setup fees are waived, and all drinks at Saloons and Food Provisions are free from November 26-29

Get all the details by visiting the Red Dead Online official site.

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