Redout Flies onto Nintendo Switch


Sick of morning traffic jams and a line of vehicles stretching into the distance? Now you can ditch the wheels and blast into the future as Redout launches on the Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Italian studio 34BigThings and published by California’s Nicalis, Redout and originally launched on PC back in 2016. It is a homage to every anti-gravity racer you’ve loved and promises a ton of modern elements under the hood. Do Anti gravity racers even have a hood? Set on a semi-abandoned earth, this high-velocity adventure is set to out even the best players through their paces with a total of 12 dystopian locations. 11 types of race, over 100 different individual events. Each of the game’s staggering 60 courses is drenched In all the graphical glory that the Unreal 4 engine has to offer. Modern shaders and low polygon detailing make this racing sim look like a fitting tribute to titles like F-Zero, Wipeout, and POD.

In addition to all the tracks, a grid of 28 hi-tech vehicles are available to pilot. Each of these speed machines is customizable, featuring their own distinct characteristics. Acceleration, top speed, grip, structural integrity, energy pool, and recharge all vary based on your model. A range of upgrades and enhancements are available for racing machines and you’ll need to master Redout’s progression system to unlock them. The game’s single-player career mode does not only give players racing experience and the chance to level up. It also gives pilots the opportunity to upgrade their vehicle with power-ups like turbo boosts, repair drones, advanced grip systems, and more. Once you’ve memorized that blind turn and left the AI in your wake, Redout also has an online option for anybody who is feeling like taking their skills up against other pilots.

If you haven’t already got Grip and it’s latest Airblades update then you might want to consider blasting off into Redout. Redout is out now on Nintendo Switch and is available via the Nintendo eShop. You can find out more at the official Redout website.


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