Release date for Drawn to Death and news from Jaffe

Sketchy? Sure. But also looking rad.
drawn to death release date

Drawn to Death now officially has a release date. In a interview on the Playstation Blog, David Jaffe and crew announced that the long awaited Drawn to Death finally has a launch date – April 4th, 2018. The wonderful exploration of cartoon violence in shooter form will be $19.99 on the PSN, and David Jaffe answered a few questions about the game and its design as well:

How were you informed by your previous games when directing Drawn to Death?

David Jaffe: God of War taught me that play mechanics are why I love making and playing games. I understand and respect that not all players feel this way. But for me, the more I do this work and the more games I play, the more I realize I love and admire games for play mechanics.

Drawn to Death is really a reaction to that. Yes, the game has story and characters, but Drawn to Death is so much more about play mechanics — more than any other game I’ve done. I think you see that trajectory away from storytelling and toward pure mechanics in the games I’ve gotten to work on since God of War.

Drawn to Death is a four player arena shooter that takes place inside the twisted mind of a teenager, using the drawings of characters, weapons, and places he’s created. It’s as over the top and crazy as you’d expect from the man who first brought us Twisted Metal and then God of War, and we couldn’t be happier to see him go back towards the former’s tone. Whether or not it’s well received by players remains to be seen. But for the low price of $19.99, and I’m sure a chance at being a PS Plus game, chances are it’ll have plenty of players in its opening months.

Look forward to more coverage of Drawn to Death as the release date nears and we get our grubby little mitts on the thing.

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