Release the Bears! Project Winter Coming to Early Access

You’ve eaten too much turkey, argued with that aunt, and sighed patiently through the holiday dinner. Now, its time to take out some of those winter woes on your nearest and dearest as Project Winter brings an interesting twist on survival RPGs to Early Access in Q1 2019.

Developed by Canada’s Other Ocean, Project Winter is an 8 person, multiplayer experience that takes another turn on social deception. Depositing teams into a harsh wilderness, players must hunt, gather, repair abandoned structures, and brave the unrelenting weather as a unified front. Teamwork is key in this unrelenting winter, exposing players to the elements and hungry wildlife.

Bear Faced Liars

Unfortunately for your team, the local wildlife is not the most troublesome problem you will face when trying to escape Project Winter. Traitors are among you. Players in Project Winter are randomly assigned the role of either survivor or traitor. While survivors are focused entirely on getting out alive, traitors are challenged to undermine this goal using subterfuge, lies, and deception. While these roles remain hidden to survivors, traitors can even co-operate with each other. It is not a day at the beach for traitors, however. Any traitor that is identified can be swiftly eliminated from the group.

Project Winter takes the survival genre, made popular by games like Minecraft, Ark, and Don’t Starve while aping great deception board games like Coup, Battlestar Galactica, and even Panic Station. Project Winter will release on the Steam Store, Humble, and Greenman Gaming for Windows PC for $19.99. You can check out more about the game on the official website.

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