Relive The New War As Warframe Echoes Of War Launches Today

Relive The New War As Warframe Echoes Of War Launches Today

Warframe’s Echoes of War update is now live and ready for Tenno to relive the events of the online adventure’s latest expansion.

After the return of the Sentients and a mighty effort to hold off this formidable foe, Digital Extremes is ready for players to relive the epic The New War expansion once more with the new Echoes of War Update. The arrival of this update will provide players across all platforms with an opportunity to re-experience Warframe’s Cinematic Quest today with added replayability for The New War, bringing back all of the cinematic bullet-raining action players and critics have been raving about.

The New War was originally released in December 2021 and dropped as one of the most anticipated narrative add ons in all of Warframe. This solo-only main quest featured brand never before playable characters, an ancient enemy, and events that would shake the Origin system. Echoes of War changes this to allow players to jump back into the New War once more while adding a whole bunch of additional content. For anybody who is sick of war and wants to get onto something a bit more meaningful, Warframe welcomes Star Day back to the title. This will kick off and run all the way until 23 February with Tenno returning to Fortuna to pick up three new themed Glyphs, a new Ticker Floof Decoration featuring all-new voice lines, and Tennobaum items too. Just have a scout about for Ticker to grab some of these goodies.

Alongside this seasonal return, Warframe fans can also expect to look fabulous today with the Hildryn Einheri Collection and the release of Part 1 of TennoGen Round 21. A new range of deluxe skins for Hildryn and her Weapons, as well as a new Syandana, mean you’ll be looking your best after surviving the New War.

To take a look at all of this, the latest additions to the massive TennoGen collection, and the upcoming quality of life updates stuffed into the Echoes of War update, head over to the official Warframe website now.

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