Reminder: The Punisher is on Netflix Today – Five Reasons to Watch


Want to watch Jon Bernthal be a badass with a heart? Netflix and Marvel’s Punisher is now out across the globe on the subscription streaming service. Here are 5 reasons you need to watch this spinoff from the Daredevil series.

5.) Bernthal gives Frank Castle the heart and soul he deserves.

Frank’s character was never just about killing bad guys. That’s his “power” if we had to call it that, but the character has always been about a veteran’s struggle to cope with the atrocities of war… and that means both war at home and abroad.

4.) Karen is back!

You might not realize it, but Daredevil’s Karen Page is a huge character of import in the Marvel comics, and it seems that’s carrying over here into the TV universe.

3.) Micro is a conflicted Snowden-esque geek hero.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach does wonders with the character of Micro. The technology brains and sometimes-partner behind Punisher’s justice delivering, Micro’s character and story get the attention they deserve.

2.) Jigsaw is teased…

That’s not much of a spoiler, especially to Punisher fans, but Billy Russo shows up in the show very early, and it’s a good sign that Netflix and Marvel have big plans for Frank’s series.

1.) It’s grounded in reality

Unlike the recent Defenders and Iron Fist before that, Punisher brings the Marvel Netflix shows back to reality and away from the mystical and magical. It’s because of this that the show works even better than any of its predecessors.

Go watch it, stop reading, and get binging!

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  1. Reason #6 – Lieberman! Die-hard fans of early Punisher comics will understand.

  2. It’s a good show, thought it was going to suck but they made it work.

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