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Rend Introduces Environments

Environments Play a Huge Role In Rend

Frostkeep put out another Rend blog. This one focuses on environments and locations players will be able to visit in game. Keep an eye out on the temperature, flora and fauna!

The Valley is the starting area.Every faction will have a Divinity Stone they need to build their base around to protect it. Additionally, the base will have an impenetrable shield until the time of Reckining (faction vs faction PVP). The Valley is relatively safe area. However, the further players get away from the Divinity Stone, the more dangerous it gets. Spiders. wolves, elk and the weather can bring even a seasoned traveler to their knees.


The Center is a home to mysterious crystal and giant creatures. It is also the first chance to contest scarce recourses among factions. It is better to not venture out alone, unless you want to take on the fauna or have a chance of your precious resources be taken away from your corpse by other players.

Rend Center

The Cave offers a perfect place for ambush. If you turn on your light in its dark, other plyaers will be able to see you. But if you don’t, you can’t see anything yourself.

Off in the distance you can hear the scuttling of spiders and smell the sulfur emanating from the lava. If the spiders don’t kill you, the heat will. So you better find some heat resistant gear or potions.

Rend Cave

You can read the full post and find out more about each of the locations above as well as the Eternal Wastes on the official site.

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