Rend – Vast Arsenal of Destruction

Rend Arsenal

Frostkeep has published a new blog post dedicated to the vast arsenal players will get their hands on in Rend. That includes ballistae, bombs, makeshift weapons, traps as well as siege weapons and much more.

Rend: Take a look at your arsenal.

The blog post goes into great details about categories of weapons players can get. If you wish to learn everything, follow the link above. However, if you are interested in TL/DR version, proceed onward!

  • Makeshift weapons are, basically, the first arms your character manages to acquire. It includes such weaponry as throwing sticks as well as makeshift bows. At a later point, players will be able to craft more powerful weapons.
  • Crossbows, Bows & Repeaters all have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, the repeater is a great weapon for close-quarters combat with its fast firing and large clip size. However, it lacks in accuracy and can be ineffective in long range due to recoil.
  • Spike-Launchers & Shard Blasters are accurate, high-damage arms with powerful recoil. Just like bows, crossbows and repeaters, they have strengths as well as weaknesses. Spike-launchers have very low rate of fire, for example. Shard Blasters are devastating close-range weapons.
  • Bombs are the perfect tools to bring down any walls as well as setting up an ambush. There will be a variety of types of bombs, some specialising on dealing with players or designed to bring down buildings.
  • Ballistae. 

A stalwart display of power, these massive weapons can adorn your faction’s base walls for defence, or sit atop a hill overlooking over an enemy base and rain down destruction. There are three variants of the ballista that excel in different situations, the defender, the devastator, and the liberator.

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