Replaced Announced During The Xbox Games Show

Publisher Coatsinlk and developer Sad Cat Studios announced Replaced, a stylish new sci-fi thriller, during the Xbox Games Show.

Prepare to visit the future as Coatsink and Sad Cat Studios announce Replaced, as part of the E3 avalanche of new game announcements. Unveiled during the Xbox Game lineup for E3 2021, Replaced is a stylish new platformer that thrusts players into a neon-soaked future, where cyberpunk classics like Blade Runner hold sway. This retro-futuristic 2.5D platformer revolves around an Ai named R.E.A.C.H., a consciousness trapped in a human body against its will. Mixing cinematic artistry and pixel art ideas, Replaced paints this gritty future with a style that definitely grabbed our attention.

Described as a mix of cinematic platformer, pixel art, free-flow action combat and deep engaging dystopian story set in an alternative 1980s, Replaced drops players into a less than welcoming new home. In among the hustle of an urban environment and the ground level of the everyman, danger lurks. Outlaws are everywhere in society and greed seems to rule this cityscape. The individuals in control of the future use the population as pawns, organs farms, and commodities, and it’s up to you to survive this uncaring society long enough to unravel the mysteries that surround Replaced.

When the future arrives, Replaced will load onto XboxSeriesX|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass for PC, Steam & Epic Games Store. Xbox Series X|S owners will get an optimized version of Replaced you can check out the trailer for Replaced above or find out more on the official website.

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