Resident Evil 7 Wins Award and Breaks 5 Million Units Sold

resident evil 7 biohazard

The latest award-winning entry in the Resident Evil franchise brings Capcom two more accolades. Dual Shockers reports on a Capcom press release announcing Resident Evil 7 has won best VR Audio at the 2018 Game Audio Network Guild Awards (G.A.N.G. Awards). The game has also sold over 5.1M units according to the Capcom statement.

Last May reported initial sales of the title missed initial sales expectations. Despite only making 3.5M initial units sold Capcom optimistically projected at least 10M lifetime units would be sold. Up until this year, no single Resident Evil title has hit that mark despite the franchise having sold over 87M total. Resident Evil 5 just passed 10.6M in March with RE6 coming in second at 8.4M units sold. This puts RE7 at the third most popular title in the franchise moving past Resident Evil 2 which sold just under 5M copies on the PS2 platform. These numbers come from Capcoms own “Platinum Titles” list. These are all of Capcom’s titles, in millions of units sold, ranked from highest to lowest.

The VR Audio award is only the latest industry accolade. It also won Best AR/VR game at The Game Awards 2017. Capcom also garnered a little goodwill when they included the “Not a Hero” DLC for free to any RE7 owner with the launch of the Gold Edition. With such a strong rebound from weak first-month sales, the title has certainly earned its place. Why do you think the game has resonated so strongly with fans and critics alike? How does it compare to your franchise favourite?

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