Resident Evil: Revelations Coming to Nintendo Switch in Late 2017


Capcom has announced the release date for Resident Evil Revelations. It is scheduled for released for PlayStation 4 and XBox One on August 29th. But that’s not all! Capcom also confirmed that the game, as well as its sequel, are headed to Switch in “late 2017”.

Resident Evil Revelations

Capcom has priced the game at $19.99 for XB1 and PS4. It’s likely that the Switch version will be similarly priced.

Players can look forward to a lot of neat stuff including smoother resolution, better frame rates, better detail and creature movement. In addition, all released DLC can be unlocked just by playing the game.

The game focuses on survival and exploration. The player has limited ammunition, health, and movement speed. It is designed to bring back the horror as well as the content of the series’ roots.

You can learn more about the series on its official site.

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