Retro Sega Games We’d Love Made into Slots

Like millions of others, Sega was a part of my childhood. Its first home console was the SG-1000. However, the glory years truly began in 1985 with the release of the Master System, which was closely followed by the famed Mega Drive (known as Sega Genesis to our North American readers).

During this time, Sega developed some iconic games, particularly for the Mega Drive, with the talismanic Sonic the Hedgehog becoming the face of the company – akin to Mario with Sega’s rivals, Nintendo.

Fast forward thirty years and retro gaming is one of the most popular gaming niches. One industry to have utilized the retro gaming niche well is the online gambling industry with casino software providers tapping into the cult video game niche for inspiration. Various online slot games have been inspired by popular retro games such as the Street Fighter slot game created by NetEnt.

The online slots industry is a growing market as more players head online to play the many different versions of themed slot games. Independent slot providers such as Wink Slots offer various retro-style themed slot games on their sites, including a twist on the popular classic fruit machine. Wink slots are well-known for their extensive themed game offering and also their bonuses and promotions like free spin no deposit bonuses for players to try out when selecting their favorite retro-themed slot game.

There are many other retro classics that bring back feelings of nostalgia that would (possibly) make tremendous video slots. Here’s my wish list of retro Sega games that I’d love to see made into slots.

Sonic the Hedgehog

 Sonic has already appeared on the reels of a slot machine courtesy of the free-to-play gambling games on Sega Slots. Unfortunately, it only lasted a few years before Sega pulled the plug on the project.

Yet wouldn’t it be fantastic if Sega were to license Sonic to a real-money casino software provider? It could have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose on a quest to defeat the evil Doctor Eggman. I’d also incorporated some skill games into the bonus feature, with Sonic zooming around the screen collecting gold rings.

Retro Games 1

Castlevania: Bloodlines

 Castlevania spent its early years over on Nintendo consoles, but its most popular release was Bloodlines on the Mega Drive in 1994. This game is crying out to be made into a slot. The vampire genre is already a popular theme, with Blood Suckers and Immortal Romance both achieving amazing success.

Of course, a Castlevania: Bloodlines video slot would feature the main characters John Morris and Eric Lecarde with Dracula lurking in the shadows. Morris’ preferred weapon was a whip, which could be used to lash symbols on the reels and turn them into wilds. Lecarde has a spear, and that could be thrown to add multipliers to winning paylines.

Streets of Rage

 Having already mentioned NetEnt’s Street Fighter, let’s talk about Streets of Rage, which appeared on Sega’s Master System, Mega Drive (Genesis), Game Gear, and Sega CD, among other consoles.

As a slot, I picture Axel, Adam, Blaze, Max Thunder, Skate, and the evil mastermind Mr. X dominating reels. Perhaps, a nice touch would be a Megaways version, seeing as there is an abundance of characters fighting on the screen. Furthermore, each one should have its own bonus feature, like ten free spins with a 2x multiplier for Adam, seven free spins and a 4x multiplier for Blaze, and so on. This could be a pick one feature, or additional characters could come into play after activating the feature a certain number of times.

Retro Games 2

The Nintendo Game Boy is a retro gaming console.

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

 Featuring Has Bean and Dr. Robotnik, the Mean Bean Machine was a big hit in the early to mid-nineties on the Mega Drive. The original gameplay is much like Tetris; however, the blocks are replaced with clusters of beads in various shapes.

This slot, in my imagination, would have to be a cluster pays game, like Reactoonz or Aloha: Clusters Pay. It could use Big Time Gaming’s MegaQuad game mechanic that splits winning clusters into four smaller units, which can result in hundreds of symbols accumulating on the game board. Win multipliers would be a nice touch too, such as a rising multiplier for consecutive wins.

Out Run

 We all remember jumping in the red Ferrari Testarossa Spider for a game of Out Run. This classic race against the clock driving game was a true player favorite in its heyday. The combination of cheers of joy if you reached the final stage and lifted the trophy or screams of anguish if you broke down kept us on the edge of our seats.

Slot games featuring cars and racing themes are nothing new with NetEnt’s Drive Multiplier Mayhem and Hotline both warranting a special mention. However, Out Run has cult status. Could you imagine the detail on the Testarossa now compared to what it was like on the 1986 original?

This slot would simply have to have a special feature that involved the Ferrari either racing other sports cars or as a challenge against the clock. The reels could be scattered with road signs, chequered flags, trucks, and palm trees. The winner’s trophy would be the bonus symbol, and the Testarossa a wild. A new concept would be a Driving Wild, so if it appeared on the first reel, it would drive across the screen, turning the other symbols wild, too.

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