Retro Style 3D Horror Adventure The Padre Set To Release April 18th

If you enjoy old school horror adventure games in the vein of Alone In The Dark, then The Padre may be right up your alley. Developer Shotgun With Glitters has announced that its point and click adventure, The Padre, has slain the demons of Early Access and is set to launch on April 18th. The title will be available for PC, PS4, XBox One, and Switch starting on April 18th. The game will be digital download across all platforms and will be priced at $19.99, though it is currently available through Steam Early Access for just $14.99.

In The Padre, you play as a demon hunting priest tasked with locating the missing Cardinal Benedictus. Although anyone familiar with classic horror films or games knows you should never venture out without all your demon slaying tools, you start your adventure off doing just that. After a few days on the road, you stop at an old abandoned mansion, which you quickly realize is inhabited by an evil presence. With only your wits, and whatever else you find lying around, you must solve the mystery of the mansion or lose your soul trying.

The dark and gritty voxel art style is paired with the quick wit and humor of the protagonist in homage to old school adventure games. Fans of the genre will also get more than their fair share of pop culture references during their playthrough. With plenty of puzzles to solve and baddies to fend off, you have to be careful, as too many attempts will result in a permanent game over.

Check out the gameplay trailer below.

About The Developer: Shotgun With Glitters

We’re a group of game-crazed enthusiasts working in a virtual team that are not limited by country borders. Although originating in Europe, we have team members all over the world who share our passion. We are on a quest to create games missing from the market. Games that don’t exist anymore or never existed before.

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