Return To Atreia With Aion Classic In June

aion classic

NCSoft is about to relaunch its seminal RvR MMORPG. Aion Classic is coming!

Following hot on the heels of games like Runescape and WoW, Aion is set to get Aion Classic servers. Just announced by Korea’s NCSoft, the hugely popular MMORPG is about to return to its roots when the Aion Classic experience comes to the Americas on 23 June. Originally launched back in 2009, Aion was a fantasy MMORPG that plunged players into a world of light and dark, where two races inhabited different pole of a cataclysmic world and a constant war raged between the factions for control of the Tower of Eternity.

Now, Aion Classic will see the return of some of the games early, iconic dungeons, and only the original four character classes will be available to players (each with their two original subclasses). Players might see some extra quality of life improvements as they chose to play as the pristine and orderly Elyos, or skulk in the shadowy realms of the Asmodians. For those of us that played Aion, this might also mean a return to Aion’s unique rifting PVP, where portals open up between the realms of Asmodae and Elysea, allowing brave warriors to invade the opposing faction’s realm. The Balaur also await, but I’m just eager to see how quickly we can crash the Abyss again as the Elyos and Asmodians lash for control of massive fortresses, and siege warfare takes hold again.

If you are ready to head back into Atreia, then Aion Classic will be free to play when it lands on PC. Premium subscriptions and founders packs are available, but these hopefully won’t mean that the Asmodians can buy Telemachus server this time around. You can check out more about Aion Classic over on the official webpage now, or just follow the sound of pigeons come 23 June.

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