Reverse: 1999 – Version 1.5 Brings the Heat

Reverse 1999 - Version 1.5 Brings the Heat

It’s time to leave behind math problems and theorems and adopt a more hands-on approach. Reverse: 1999 – Version 1.5: “Revival! The Uluru Games” brings the heat as it invites Timekeepers to travel to Australia and take part in an ancient arcanist tradition.

On the eve of a new era, drops of rain break free from gravity’s pull and float toward the endless sky. The familiar sparkle of champagne and glitter of confetti quickly fades as 1999 rewinds itself. The “Storm” has arrived, bringing about the end of progress. You play as Vertin, a Timekeeper from the St. Palvov organization that seeks to protect humanity. As she attempts to understand this phenomenon, her journey takes her across different eras and regions, and the latest one is the hottest and the most alive yet.

The first phase of the new update is available today on PC as well as mobile devices, bringing along two new characters, new events, sign-in rewards, new garments, and more! The first half of the patch will last until May 9th, at which point the second phase will begin with its own characters and events.

To get properly hyped, check out the Version trailer down below.

The two newcomers of the first phase are 6-star boxing arcanist Spathodea, the true star of this version, as well as a talking flame Ulu, the newest 5-star. If you are a fan of non-humanoid characters, she’s certainly a must have. Dikke, a fan-favorite 5-star, is also getting a boosted drop rate just in time for the new garments.

As you progress through the main story, you will get to learn more about Spathodea and what makes her special, culminating in the big twist that leads to the revival of Uluru Games. But it is not all sunshine and rainbows, it is also fire streaming from the hands of this young boxing prodigy. Will Vertin be able to help her? The answer is a resounding yes, the Timekeeper will not leave anyone hanging when she can be of assistance. Even more information about Spathodea can be found in her Character Story: Reunion of Fires. Don’t miss out!

Spathodea is a powerful damage dealer, so if you feel like your account is lacking in the attacking department, she’d be a great help.

“She has a talent for boxing. It is like a spark guiding her out of the darkness. All she needs to do is grab it and … throw the punch! This rising star has done well so far, except … when it comes to the fire she spits?”

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Phase One offers a number of events, including:

  • New Sign-In Rewards! Sign-in for seven days to get some extra Unilogs for your rolling pleasure.
  • Red Land Trace – completing the tasks unlocks character logs;
  • Companion’s Journey – obtain Eucalyptus Pod and use them to trigger and enhance the Blessing Effect;
  • Harvest Season – Sign in to get limited-time Buildings and Clear Drops
  • The Game News –  Complete challenges to win rewards

Additionally, the two events that were introduced in Version 1.4 will receive further updates:

  • Mane’s Bulletin – Hypothesis of Exhibition starts on April 25. Even more exciting boss rush gameplay to flex your team-building skills at! How long can you prevail against one big bad after another?
  • The new Anecdote: Dikke, available April 29. Titled “The Long Night Singing Its Dirges”, it will let you learn a bit more about this character.

New Version also means new themed Garments series. The latest one is titled “On the Red Land”, and it gives four arcanists charming sporty looks. Deck Dikke, Tooth Fairy, Darley Clatter and Pavia in new garments to match the theme of the Version, with its awesome rock meets sports vibe.

“In the scorching stadium, they leap over the treetops and wave their arms. Sweat drips down their brows, stirring the audience’s souls. Move it, guys! The game has started!”

What is your favorite skin? Let us know in the comments below! Note that you can claim a new garment for Dikke by unlocking the collector’s edition of the Jukebox.

Last but not least, the “Leap Over Red Sands” Wilderness Pack is now available for a limited time.

Of course, things show no sign of slowing down with the Second Phase! Available on May 9th, it will bring two more new characters: a 6-star buffer/debuffer Ezra and the gorgeous 5-star Desert Flannel. Have you already decided who’s getting your Unilogs?

Likewise, Timekeepers are in for more events, including Ezra’s Character Story, Anecdote: Erick, new Bulletin challenge, Blazing RPS Arena, and more. You will even get to climb the mountain to aid Ezra. The higher you climb, the harder it gets, but worry not! You will be able to purchase some items to ensure that the experience is not too difficult.

However, even if the mountain bests you, you can safely retreat, and try again later. And you keep the things that you have collected!

Reverse: 1999 – Version 1.5: Revival! The Uluru Games! is available now. Check out the official site to learn more and start playing for free. Watch out, the next Version 1.6 also marks the game’s half-year anniversary, and the developers are likely preparing something special.

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