Reverse: 1999 – Check Out Version 1.5 EP ‘Go Together’

Reverse: 1999 – Version 1.5 “Revival! The Uluru Games” is available now, and what better way to celebrate than to check out the latest extended play? Bluepoch shared EP ‘Go Together’ to welcome players to this unbearably hot update. A selection of new characters, new events and anecdotes, an involved storyline – what else do you need?

“Start the engine and drive against the hot wind! Explore the desert in search of the ancient games! Let’s set off at dusk!”


A mysterious phenomenon known as the “Storm” hit the world on the last day of 1999, causing anything it touched to be reversed and the time to stop progressing. In Reverse: 1999, players control Vertin the Timekeeper, an Arcanist from the St. Palvov organization that seeks to protect humanity. The only person immune to the effects of the “Storm”, Vertin travels through different eras and recruits a cast of diverse Arcanists to aid her in understanding this phenomenon.

Reverse: 1999 – Version 1.5: Revival! The Uluru Games!” is available now. Check out the official site to learn more and start playing for free. Watch out, the next Version 1.6 also marks the game’s half-year anniversary, and the developers are likely preparing something special.

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