Reversion 3: The Return – Attack of the Sergio PC Review

User Rating: 5.7
Reversion 3: The Return Mole

The year is 2035, the place apocalyptic Buenos Aires, and lo and behold you have lost your memory as to how you found yourself here. In actuality, that happened two chapters ago in Reversion 1: The Escape, and although in Reversion 3: The Return, you still don’t really know very much, this old-school style adventure game by 3f Interactive is willing to let you fumble your way to reversing this terrible future you have found yourself in.

The Reversion series is a set of 3 adventure titles slowly bridging the story of Christian, our main protagonist, together as he tries to unravel the mystery of how he ended up in the future, and how in the post-apocalyptic world will he find his way back? The point-and-click adventure varies minimally from every other point and click game with the exception of a few short mini-games such as whack-a-mole and a matching puzzle game. These minor diversions from Reversion are barely mini-games in nearly every case.

Reversion 3: The Return

The primary draw for this or any adventure game should lie within the story. The characters you meet are voiced quite well, and the background music is often enjoyable if not repetitive. Each character has their own personality, from the addle-brained Professor to the “evil” Sergio who plans to rule Buenos Aires with an iron fist. 3f Interactive has created a pretty solid adventure title here, as they’ve thought ahead with the ability to request hints and use the R key to show you what objects you can interact with. This is most definitely a time-saver but is more aptly considered a frustration saver. The nature of an adventure game is to search and speak to everyone to progress. An adventure game revels in the insanity of going in circles, and circular insanity is the mark of a player too proud to use the hint button.

Reversion 3: The Return throws in a few pop-culture references here and there, and some portions of it could be considered more on the humorous side. This isn’t humorous in the way an adventure game such as Sam & Max is, but the depth of the story is enough to carry a player through to the end as long as you can find your way through. As a stand-alone title Reversion 3 will be somewhat confusing. From the moment you start Reversion 3, you already have pockets full of items and characters that you already have a history, albeit a short one, with.

Reversion 3: The Return Christian

It would be a pure disservice to spoil any of the story aspects of Reversion 3, simply because the story is its primary and, well, only focal point. If you are looking for a great adventure game, you could find some enjoyment here, but if this is your first jaunt into the world of Reversion, it might benefit you greatly to start on Reversion 1 and work your way towards The Return. As long as you aren’t lost like a crazed javelina you shouldn’t spend more than 10 hours to complete the entirety of the series.

Reversion 3: The Return is the final piece of the story for Christian and his time-traveling, amnesia-having ways. As one would expect from an adventure title, the point and click style will appeal to those looking for a, primarily narrative, experience. The mini-games certainly won't keep players entertained for long, but if you were looking to take a tango around post-apocalyptic Buenos Aires, you've found your buena onda.
  • Decent story if you stick with it
  • Great audio and voice work
  • One note gameplay, even for the mini games
  • The main puzzle is just navigating the world
  • Despite the prologue, play the first 2 before this one
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