RGB Your Ears With The Black Shark Ophidian Earbuds

Blackshark Ophidian Earbuds

Black Shark just kicked off an IndieGoGo campaign for their very latest accessory. The RGB Blackshark Ophidian Earbuds.

If you have already realized your dream of picking up another RGB NVME drive or just started with the Snakebyte Game Mouse Ultra then Black Shark is aiming for those last few square centimeters of unilluminated space. The mobile gaming manufacturer, a sub brand of China’s Xiaomi mobile giant, has unveiled a crowdfunding campaign to get it’s latest project off the ground. Essentially a set premium gaming earbud set, the Ophidian earbuds stand apart with a pair of customizable RGB surfaces so you can bask in the glow of the gaming master race while listening to some high end audio explosions.

Some Specs

The wireless earphones come with a more than respectable set of specifications, including a pair of Knowles balanced armature drivers with a 10mm moving coil. The manufacturer purports they incoming earphones will present crystal clear, Hi-Fi sound quality with an ultra low latency of around 50ms. This all relies on some of the latest Bluetooth 5 tech that we hope will carry both AptxHD and LDAC if paired with a compatible device like the Black Shark 2 Pro. In addition to the vastly increased data bandwidth that Bluetooth 5 brings, the Black Shark Ophidian earbuds come with 14 hours of power and up to 10 hours fully illuminated. Even when they are dead, players should be able to resurrect these buds with a USB C port and quick charge capability.

All-round this is a decent set of earphones with a flashy gimmick. We’re not sure why Black Shark need to crowdfund the device but the IndieGoGo campaign does give gamers the chance to pledge to the campaign and hopefully receive a pair of these RGB earbuds for as little as $69 dollars. Head over to the campaign page to check out the pretty lights and sounds and make a decision on the Blackshark Ophidian earbuds.


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