Rick and Morty take a Schwifty Trip Into Merge Dragons

Rick and Morty Mrge Dragons

Rick and Morty are about to take a trip to a very different kind of universe ads Zynga and Adult Swim announced that the duo are coming to mobile game Merge Dragons.

Rick and Morty’s new adventure into the world of Merge Dragons is already live and it certainly is a new style of adventure for team Schwifty. The team, who are usually used to dimension-hopping on your TV ae now making it onto mobile screens across the world. Appearing on the Dragon busting maps of Zynga’s mobile hit, Rick and Morty will take part in a live event and an exclusive questline. While playing the titular title, Rick and Morty hack the game to retrieve the Stone of Reckoning. This powerful item opens portals to forbidden worlds and causes them to be dragged into the world of Dragonia.

One Head Is Better Than Two

Stuck in the world of Merge Dragons, the pair of partiers are sure to cause chaos and players can benefit from this by healing land and collecting points. While the new crossover event runs, players will be able to pick up a range of rewards but you’ll have to log in to find out what these are.

“As superfans of the show, we‘re honored to have them interact with our players in a way that both fans of the show, and Merge Dragons!, will enjoy. Who doesn’t want to see Dragon Rick evolve?!”

Not sure I really want to see Rick’s Dragon breath. For the two of you that don’t know who Rick and Morty are, this cartoon duo are the title pair of a smash hit animated series from the Adult Swim channel. The mad scientist and his slightly nervous grandson spend their time universe hopping and sciencing their way out of strange scenarios. Think what partying genius Rabbids would do and you’re not far away.

You can get involved with this crossover event by pocking up Merge Dragons for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now.

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