Rift Battle Pass Makes Its Return

Rift Battle Pass

Gamigo has announced the return of the Battle Pass system in its long-running MMORPG Rift. Season 1 of the retooled Battle Pass is now available and comes complete with thirty levels of challenges. Players can take part in a number of in-game activities including daily and weekly quests. These reward experience points and a number of rewards. Battle Pass Season 1 will last from now through August 15, 2022.

The Battle Pass is available in two “flavors” –

  1. The free version rewards players with various consumables and a set of artifacts that provide the “Pants on Fire” effect when used.
  2. The paid version for $6.99 offers players the same bonuses as the free version plus the opportunity to earn the entire fiery costume item set and additional bonuses such as a fiery dragon.

Rewards available in the paid version are as follows:

  • Level 2: Cosmetic Effect: Flaming Eyes
  • Level 5: Cosmetic Effect: Hot Feet
  • Level 13: Cosmetic Effect: Hot Hands
  • Level 17: Jump Effect: Blast Off!
  • Level 23: Costume Helmet: Crown of Flames
  • Level 26: Cosmetic Wings: Wings of Flame
  • Level 30: Mount: Great Balls of Fire

Check out the details on the Rift official site.

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