RIG 500 Pro Series Promises Game Changing Tech for Consoles

Plantronics has unveiled its newest line of gaming headsets. Not content with the outstanding RIG 500, the brand has produced the RIG 500 Pro Series, and it looks like a winner from here.

I consider the original Plantronics RIG 500 series to be some of all the headsets we’ve tried. I’ve splashed out on a pair, and for a very modest investment, you’ll get the sound quality you’d expect from a leading communications specialist with one of the most comfortable headsets around. Now, the RIG 500 Pro series appears to be taking Plantronic’s gaming range to the next level.

The RIG 500 Pro still features the same open headband and modular design that brings the RIG 500 down to just a few hundred grams, but there are some obvious improvements here too. Alongside the inclusion of Dolby Atmos on Xbox One and PC platforms, the full range, outlined below, benefits from larger 50mm drivers. This should produce a more responsive range, as well as combat any complaints of low volume.

  • Rig 500 PRO HX for Xbox One, $79.99
  • Rig 500 PRO HS for PS4, $79.99
  • RIG 500 PRO for PC, $99.99
  • RIG 500 PRO ESports Edition, $149.99

Console gamers will also benefit from the brand new Audio Game Dial. Anybody sick of pausing to adjust volume, or fiddling around with remote controls, will now be able to fix their levels without releasing their trigger finger.

RIG 500 Pro headsets are available across major retailers, and you can find out more at the official website.

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