Ring in the Holidays in Duelyst with Frostfire Festival


It’s Frostfire Festival time in Duelyst thanks to the arrival of the limited time event. From now through January 5th, players can check out a brand new game mode, earn new and festive skins and obtain exclusive event cards. The best part is that anyone can jump into the game right now as the game is free to play! Just head to the official site or Steam to get started.

Ring in Frostfire Festival
New Frostfire Mode

Gather around and have some fun in the snow, invite your friends and family to a new game mode! We’re celebrating another year of Duelyst by expanding the Frostfire Festival with its own themed event.

Queue up for some unranked fun! The Frostfire Mode will allow you to complete your quests in a safe yet silly environment. Take part in this new holiday sport by running around the battlefield and opening up Frostfire crates to earn some goodies for your General. Don’t be too greedy though, or some festive helpers might join the other side to even the odds!

This new mode will be available throughout all of December, open proudly next to the Season Ladder and The Gauntlet game modes.

New Frostfire Cosmetics

When it’s time to celebrate festivities, make sure you dress the part!
We’re adding three new cosmetic skins to the game in the form of Festive Faie, Zyx and Zirix! Want to unlock these skins? Head to the store and find our new Frostfire Holiday Chests!

There are two types of Frostfire Chests available in the store:

  • Standard Frostfire Chest: Contains a Spirit Orb, Spirit and one of the six Frostfire Cosmetics shown above
  • Premium Frostfire Chest: Contains two Immortal Vanguard Orbs, Spirit and one of the six Frostfire Cosmetics shown above

Keep in mind that these chest may contain duplicate cosmetics. Because this is a season of giving, we have a special gift for all our players. Log in from now until December 21st to pick up a free Frostfire Holiday Chest!

But wait, there’s more!

We’re also giving away a free Frostfire Chest under our special Holiday Monthly Quest. Just play 15 matches in the new Frostfire Mode to get your free Frostfire Chest – no wins necessary!

Check out the full update notes on the game’s Steam page.

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