Ring of Elysium – New Game Mode Ashen Eye

Ring of Elysium - New Game Mode Ashen Eye

Aurora Studio continues working on expanding and enhancing their Early Access Battle Royale game Ring of Elysium. The latest update introduces an entire new game mode known as the Ashen Eye.

Ashen Eye will be a permanent game mode in Ring of Elysium.

Unlike the usual matches that provide a constantly shrinking circle, the new map will have a different mechanic: a volcanic eruption filled Europa Island will deadly volcanic ash. The only safe zone that is not affected by volcanic ash is the “Ashen Eye” which is constantly moving.

You will begin each game with a limited amount of oxygen. Outside of the Eye, oxygen will be gradually consumed from the reserve. Once depleted, you will die quickly from suffocation. To get more oxygen, you must contend with other players or chase the airdrops.

In the Ashen Eye, oxygen is not consumed. The player with the most oxygen will become the “O2King” and trigger the victory countdown; at the same time, the position of the “O2King” will be displayed to all players. At the end of the countdown, the O2King’s team wins the game.

The update also brings in free skins, gameplay enhancements, client and UI optimization. Check out the Steam page for the update to learn more.

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