Riot Finally Confirms League of Legends MMO

League of Legends

It’s probably been one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming for nearly a decade but we finally have confirmation that Riot Games is working on a League of Legends MMORPG. The game is being spearheaded by ex-Blizzard/World of Warcraft veteran Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street who confirmed the game at long last via Twitter.

This is one of the most casual game announcements in history that came without fanfare, a community-wide event, weeks of teasing, or a cinematic trailer to announce the game. We literally have no additional details other than the fact it is set in the same universe as one of the world’s most-played MOBAs, League of Legends. Riot is notoriously lackluster when it comes to game announcements. Keep in mind the last bunch that was announced by the company. The announcement pretty much boiled down to “Yep, we’re working on a lot of stuff.”

For now, we can only speculate as to whether or not the LoL MMO will be more old school such as World of Warcraft, or whether it will be something more 2020 like Destiny 2. We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, you can bone up on your LoL lore by heading to the League of Legends official site.

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