RiotX Arcane – Check Out Progress Days Trailer

The massive month-long RiotX Arcane event continues across Riot’s games, aiming to bring all of the company’s products together to celebrate the launch of Arcane. Join the Progress Days celebration with rewards, in-game events, and more.

Progress Days is a holiday in Arcane the show, where citizens of Piltover celebrate technological innovation. Riot is bringing Progress Days to its games from November 7-13, the time period between Arcane Act 1 and 2, and releasing to players new in-game content within Riot’s titles.

League of Legends players will be able to explore the Council Archives, a new interactive experience where you can study more of Arcane’s story. In addition, Arcane Jayce will become available after playing one game of League this week.

Legends of Runeterra has a bunch of new content as well, headlined by The Path of Champions, a permanent PvE mode featuring adventures through Piltover & Zaun and roguelike campaigns through other regions of Runeterra.
    • New Champion: Jayce
    • Thematic support cards from Piltover & Zaun
    • The Path of Champions Event Pass, featuring 35 collectively rewards including new Guardians, Emotes, and more.
    • Piltovan Rooftops Board
    • New Champion Skins
    • Jayce Champion Deck Bundle
    • Hextech Guardians

League of Legends: Wild Rift, Arcane-style Jinx and Vi skins will be available free through daily login rewards. 
    • Arcane Experience in-game event
    • Jayce and Caitlyn hit the Hextech Heist event
    • Themed weeks in Guild vs Guild, including Jinx vs Vi

Additionally, The World of RiotX Arcane event hub will unlock new earnable in-game rewards until November 30:
  • League of Legends: Arcane Capsule, Arcane Icon
  • Teamfight Tactics: One Gizmos & Gadgets Little Legend Egg
  • Legends of Runeterra: One Jayce Champion Card
  • Wild Rift: 100 Poro Coins
  • VALORANT: One Exclusive Poro Gun Buddy

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