Risk of Rain 2 Full Release Postponed to August

Risk of Rain 2 Full Release Postponed to August

The team from Hopoo Games released an updated Risk of Rain 2 roadmap reflecting the game’s new release window – August 2020. The developers note that they don’t take leaving Early Access and version 1.0 lightly and so they wanted to make sure players will get a complete Risk of Rain 2 game experience which means not only completing and fleshing out content, but improving and iterating on old features and content that’s been left behind.

To be explicit: the timing has not been altered because of COVID-19 – we’re incredibly lucky in that our business was mostly unaffected. The timing has changed because we’re expanding the scope of the 1.0 Update. We almost completed the entirety of Early Access without any date changes! That said, we are pushing forward and can’t wait for everyone to experience the changes we’re bringing with the 1.0 Update.

For console players, the June update will still be arriving as promised and won’t be impacted. As expected, however, it will push the timeline of the 1.0 version for consoles as well.

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