RISKERS Puts You in the Persona of a Lowly Garbageman


If you’ve ever wanted to play a “lowly garbageman” who strikes it rich with a briefcase of money, then RISKERS is for you. You become Rick Paradis as he literally runs for his life as thugs try to reclaim their cash.


As Rick, you’ll find yourself on the run from the bad guys whose money you’ve apparently stolen. However, things take a personal and tragic turn when your bro is slain. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to bring about justice even if it means breaking the law.

During the game, you’ll experience several different genres all rolled into one. These include top-down action, driving and shooting that may remind you of 1997’s Grand Theft Auto and Hotline Miami. In addition, you’ll inhabit a living world complete with a day / night cycle.

You’ll have a plethora of weaponry at your disposal including eight different weapons or, in a pinch, even flinging furniture. There are main story quests as well as side quests all presented from a top-down perspective with comic book cutscenes.

If this sounds intriguing, you can get hold of the game on Steam for $7.50, 25% off the normal price. You can also get the awesome soundtrack in a special $8.42 bundle. Check it all out on Steam.

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Suzie is an avid gamer and has been since 1995. She lives in the desert with her own personal minion while dreaming of pixel worlds beyond Earth.

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