Rive: Ultimate Edition For Nintendo Switch is Available Now

Rive: Ultimate Edition Arrives On Switch

Earlier in the week, Two Tribes announced the arrival of metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter RIVE: Ultimate Edition on Switch. The time has come to blast your way through the insanely spectacular battles in this fast & hilarious game which is now officially out. Starting today, RIVE: Ultimate Edition is available for Nintendo Switch with a 2-week 15% launch discount.

From the press announcement:

Here are 4 reasons why this is the Ultimate Edition of RIVE:

  1. The Copilot Mode is an exclusive new way to play together with a friend, controlling the spider tank with 2 Joy-Cons. It’s the Switch’s built-in local multiplayer in full swing!
  2. HD Rumble is a great Switch feature, and RIVE makes full use of it. You’ll truly feel the action, with effects ranging from subtle bumps to megaton stereo shakes.
  3. RIVE: Ultimate Edition includes full in-game achievements on Switch… And the developer has added some extra ones for good measure: 48 and counting!
  4. Loads faster, plays smoother, tweaked to perfection! The developer has gone back in to optimize its custom game engine and tweak the entire campaign, resulting in rock-solid performance and better game flow.
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