Riverbond Bringing Shoot N Slash Action To Nintendo Switch

Developer Cococucumber has just revealed that Riverbond is set to bring its blend of Shoot and Slash dungeon adventure to yet more gamers. Riverbond is coming to Nintendo Switch.

After launching on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this isometric top down dungeon style brawler managed a positive player response. Now, Riverbond brings its charming voxel aesthetic to proceedings as it opens up a variety of whimsical worlds to explore. Adventuring in this environment provides the player with an opportunity to bash, brawl, and loot their way through a total of eight locations each with their own theme, challenges., and variety of stages Everything from farmyard stock to massive boss encounters await anybody willing to get into the action.

Break It Down

Characters in Riverbond can be customized somewhat. An arsenal of ranged and melee weapons are squirreled away in loot chests and boss drops, all across each of the game’s stages. Every one of these can be equipped to better suit a wide range of player preference. If there isn’t a powerful enough staff of mighty stuff available then each adventurer can also call on assistance. Riverbond can be overcome solo but previous iterations also include 4 player couch co-op. We fully expect to see this option available on Switch.

As an upbeat voxel brawler, Riverbond incorporates real-time physics into the experience, meaning that players can smash open apart enemies, objects, and environments. It brings this throwback to retro 16-bit gaming into the modern age. Riverbvond is due out on Nintendo Switch later this year. You can check out the charming action in the Switch launch trailer above or head over to the official website for more details right now.

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