Road To Berlin Revs Onto World Of Tanks

As Victory in Europe Day approaches World of Tanks is getting a new PvE mode titled Roda To Berlin.

While many of us as busy out in a galaxy far far away, the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day is fast approaching and the go-to game for tank-based action is commemorating the event with the road to Berlin update. Running from 4 May until 18 May, the Road to Berlin is a new adventure where players can control one of 5 different Units (Soviet, American and British). Each unit consists of three middle-tier vehicles of the same type and has a set of Combat Boosts, such as Airstrike, Artillery Strike, Special Shells, etc., to fight with enemies more efficiently. Once a player has made their choice, they will team up with four other commanders to take on AI-controlled adversaries.

The extra content update will drop tank commanders onto four maps that have been crafted specifically for Road to Berlin, including the brand-new Berlin map. While out on patrol they must take  5 sequential objectives, also called Battle Missions. These Battle Missions require players to hone their skills and perform a number of different tasks from capturing or defending special zones to simply overwhelming their enemy.

These missions will, of course, reward players with a range of new loot including Decals, Bounty Equipment and a special Medal. Players jumping in right now can try out three of the new PvE maps right from the word go, but the Berlin map does not unlock until 8 May, when VE ceasefire began. World of Tanks has always taken the opportunity to remind players about the history behind its online wargames when the time comes around and maybe this might inspire a few people to look a little deeper into the impact of Victory in Europe. You can find out all the details behind World of Tank’s Road to Berlin over on the official website now.


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