Roblox Makes More Than $1bn


If you thought the resurgence in Lego toys was something to behold then you might want to sit down. Roblox, the kid-friendly online MMO, has made more than $1bn in lifetime revenue.

Originally launched back in 2005, Robolox is an interactive multiplayer environment that allows players to build and share their own experiences using a range of creation tools. The platform hosts a whole range of different player crafted worlds from racing games to more traditional RPGs.

All the Money

This online environment brings a mix of imagination, building tools, and big bright colors to multiple platforms and is expressly targeted at little minecraft minions. A number of recent updates and initiatives, including those surrounding player safety, have seen the player base breach 100 million active users of late. The result of all this expansion is a game that has managed to draw in over $435 million in 2019 already.

Roblox makes much of this income through a range of premium currency systems, the Developer Exchange system, and a variety of Game Passes tied to in-game content. The ubiquity of these microtransactions and a presence across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox One has seen most of the game’s revenue of the last couple of years and it doesn’t look like this is about to slow down any time recently. If you are in any doubt how much of a big deal this is, take the lifetime revenues of Star Wars The Old Republic which is almost $1billion. This is a major MMORPG that launched with the marketing power of a phenomenally big publisher behind it. Has pester power just gone digital or is this platform a fantastic way to expand creative minds? Check out more about Roblox over at the official website and decide for yourself.


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