Robocraft Beta Launches Today, Get Your Starter Pack Here!

Robots, not in disguise. Just with big guns and missiles.
robocraft beta launches

After a long and tremendously successful Alpha, the Beta for Robocraft is going live today. Robocraft is an online battler where players construct and customize their own robotic creations… before promptly slapping each other silly with them in massive detailed arenas.

A huge swath of changes are being made to the game as it enters beta, including an overhaul of the main game mode. But alongside that, here’s a list of what else players can expect.

  • Gameplay Overhaul: Robocraft’s Normal Mode has been transformed with a new 5 vs. 5 player count rather than 8 vs. 8, allowing individual skill to dictate the outcome of matches more than ever before. The interface has also been improved to directly communicate the best way for players to help their team.
  • All Maps Reworked: All of Normal Mode’s existing maps have been replaced with battlegrounds that feature more varied terrain, offering more gameplay complexity and strategy. Environment visuals have also been enhanced and improved throughout – the planets have never looked so good!
  • New Matchmaking System: Matches are now far more balanced thanks to the introduction of ELO, with that score going up and down dynamically based on an individual’s win and loss record. This means matches will now be closer, more competitive and more fun.
  • New “Protonite Core”: This all-new mechanic, also known as “The Equaliser”, allows teams who are behind in battle to have an opportunity to catch up, by taking out a giant crystal which spawns periodically on the map for a limited time.

Robocraft will exit the Early Access phase later this year and officially “launch”.  It’s almost always in the Top 10 F2P games on Steam, played now by millions the world over. To help celebrate the launch, GameSpace has been given 100 Beta Starter Packs for Robocraft, which we’re giving away here for free! Each Starter Pack contains:

  • 6 Protonium Crates bursting with new items to begin your Robocraft career

  • A Robocraft Holoflag

Check out the Beta Launch Trailer below and be sure to enter the giveaway below with just your email address! Winners will be selected on March 6th, after 12pm EST so enter now!

Robocraft Beta Launch Trailer

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