RoboManiac Gets v1.2 New Generation & The First International Server


Yeps! Game Studio has sent out a word about latest update to its hassle-free browser MMO RoboManiac. Called New Generation, it brings a lot of new stuff to the game.

RoboManiac v1.2 Features:
  • Conclusion of a season bonuses now also rank up according to their place in the ranking list of the league group
  • Addition of the modder in the trade district
  • Time reduction to speed up the on-going research
  • Players can now specify which events they want be informed of via mail
  • The reduction of the maximum starting bid on the Action House

Additionally, the team fixed a variety of bugs.

What is RoboManiac?

The developers describe the title as fluid, hassle-free and fast-paced mid-core game with long-term motivation. In a distant alien world of Centerra, players will be able to control a robot that seeks to become a heroic leader to save the world. Players can participate in daily challenges and missions, use such MMO elements as Leagues, Trading and Alliances and more.

The game sports a humorous tone as well as pleasant irony offering the daily fun in a relaxing, stress-less setting. The developers have also recently launched the first international server for the game.

You can learn more about the game by visiting its official site.

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