Roborock Expands Scope with S6 Pure and H6 Cordless Smart Cleaners

Roborock shared the news today that their new line of smart cleaners has hit the market, including a brand new robotic vacuum, the S6 Pure, and a modular, shape-shifting, and wireless H6 Cordless Vacuum.

Cordless vacuum, you say? On a gaming website? Well, not so fast, because both of these products are pretty cool tech in their own right. In fact, we’ve reviewed a number of Roborock robotic vacuums and found them to be some of the most useful household robots you can buy (plus, some of the best value for their cleaning power).

The S6 Pure is the company’s latest iteration on their robotic vacuum series and it brings a number of improvements. It features an extensive sensor array to intelligently navigate your home without bumping into furniture and terrorizing pets. Instead, it scans its environment, analyzes its developing map of your home, and determines the most efficient route to clean each room (including the baseboards where other vacuums might kick errant debris). Combined with a larger water tank for multi-room mopping and suction powerful enough to light AA batteries, and you have an impressive and literally life-changing tool — especially if you have kids.

In a surprising move, the Roborock has also delivered the H6 Cordless Vacuum to consumers. It abandons the “robot” tech that so reminds us of the Jetsons with their autonomous robots but replaces it with sheer utility. The H6 is able to convert from a hand vac to a full stand-up vacuum in mere seconds. It features a high capacity lithium polymer battery that allows it to operate at for an hour and a half, complete with a digital read-out of remaining battery and suction power. It’s also lightweight and surprisingly powerful. Yes, we’ve been using it for about a month and have been impressed. Expect that review soon.

Pick up the S6 Pure on Amazon here complete with a hefty $45 discount to celebrate launch. The H6 Cordless Vacuum can be found here with its own $50 off coupon.

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