ROCCAT Horde AIMO Membranical Keyboard Now Available

Roccat Sova

Esport equipment manufacturer ROCCAT has announced the release of the Horde AIMO Membranical Keyboard March 26th, which combines the strengths of a mechanical keyboard with the feel of membrane keys.  Included in the keyboard design are quick-fire macro keys, a 360-degree configurable tuning wheel for windows 10 dial functionality and multi-zone RGB illumination that is customizable to over 16 million colors.

Membranical, which is a term trademarked by ROCCAT, allows for a midway actuation point which is meant to provide responsive feedback for each keystroke while allowing for fast and silent functionality. ROCCATs CEO Rene Korte explained the focus for the Horde AIMO by stating, “With the Horde AIMO, we wanted to offer the fans of traditional keyboards the best choice in the market, there is no other option that feels as crisp, precise and offers this level of customization, The Horde AIMO is one of a kind.”

As part of the AIMO ecosystem, the Horde AIMO will also utilize functionality in conjunction with ROCCAT’s intelligent light system, which can be fine-tuned and grown depending on the amount of AIMO -enabled devices connected. By combining all AIMO devices, ROCCAT boasts a unique and immersive experience right out of the box with preset lighting scenarios. The Horde AIMO is also fully compatible with ROCCAT’s swarm driver system which allows gamers to customize all of their personal preferences.

The ROCCAT Horde AIMO Membranical Keyboard is available now on Amazon and Newegg for 89.99 with a non-AIMO version available in Q2 2018

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