The Roccat Khan AIMO Headset Lights The Way


ROCCAT, the maker of several gaming peripherals, has announced the latest in their AIMO Illumination series of gear. The Khan AIMO headset, built on the premium design of its predecessor the Khan Pro, this new headset offers some serious power with 50mm drivers which allows for Hi-Res sound quality. The set also comes equipped with its own integrated sound card to guarantee optimal virtual 7.1 surround sound as well removing the need for specific sound cards in order to gain the full potential of the headset.


Built both tough and light the Khan AIMO comes back with a full list of features including stainless-steel sliders and memory foam ear cups to ensure optimum comfort for users. As part of ROCCAT’s AIMO series, this headset also includes AIMO’s stylish RGB lighting effects to allow ultimate customization to players. With a price of $119.99 US this RGB headset is hoping to break into the competitive headset market. For more information on the Khan AIMO headset check out the trailer below.

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