Rocket League Autumn Update and the Road (sorry) ahead

Will there be pie?
Rocket LEague autumn update

Today Psyonix pulled the curtain back on what’s coming to the big Rocket League Autumn update on September 26th.  Packed with goodness, the update includes a seasonal Fall Theme arena where you can get your PSL and Basic Girl action on. There are more than 90 new free customization items to earn, the addition of Player Banners, the beginning of Competitive Season 6, and so much more. See it all below.

From the release:

The Autumn Update features a ton of new content including:

  • Farmstead, a new Seasonal Arena available in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches for a limited time this Fall

  • More than 90 FREE new Customization Items available as Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare drops after online matches or from Trade-Ins

  • The introduction of Player Banners, a new player customization feature

  • The End of Competitive Season 5 and the start of Competitive Season 6

  • Standardization of Arenas for Competitive and Casual Online play

  • Transparent Goalposts

  • LAN Support for PC players

  • And much more!

    This update will also debut a new ‘Events’ system, which introduces limited-time events that provide players with the opportunity to earn additional Battle-Car customizations. Using a new item called the ‘Decryptor,’ players will be able to unlock any unopened crate in their inventory without having to purchase a Key. Additional information will be provided closer to the launch of the events themselves later this year.

    Following the Autumn Update, players will also have the opportunity to help test two major upcoming features. First, is a brand new ‘Party’ System that PC players can help test during beta periods after the update goes live. Second, is a new ‘Tournaments’ system that allows players to create and compete in their own tournaments inside the game client. The Party system will launch shortly after the Autumn update goes live, while the Tournaments Beta will follow later this fall. For more information on the Party System and Tournaments Beta, please go HERE.

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