Rocket League Lucky Lanterns Event Lights Up The Lunar New Year

Rocket League has kicked off a new Lucky Lanterns event so fans of mechanical mayhem can celebrate the Lunar Year Year in game.

While Psyonix’s mix of incredible torque and soccer might have just finished with the American Super Bowl, fans of the colorful chaos that is Rocket League can buckle up for yet another in game event. Available right now, the Lucky lanterns event is a celebration of the Lunar New Year. Anybody dropping into participating between now and March 1 will experience a ton of extra content on offer.

New Events

A pair of time limited events are included in the celebrations, called Heatseeker and Super Cube. Heatseeker is live right now and runs until 22 February, but really its the Super Cube mode we’re most excited about. Super Cube will not switch on until 22 February but when it does, Cubic mode returns. For those that aren’t in the know, this 3v3 event will replace the traditional oversized ball with a cubic shape. In addition, the cube’s maximum speed and bounciness have increased meaning your normal instinctive reactions aren’t worth much any more.

Anybody entering the Lucky Lanterns events can grab plenty of rewards, as you’d expect. Throughout the celebrations, the in game shop will drop timed items for free. The Short Fuse Player Banner is out now and the Shen Avatar Border will cycle in on 22 February. In addition, lucky drivers can unlock items like the Lucky Cat and Ozzy Ox Toppers, Lantern Lift and Cherry Blossom Boosts, Temple Guardian Player Banner, and more! Take a look in the slideshow below. Plus, get lucky with Golden Lanterns that unlock items from the Velocity, Triumph, and Overdrive Series.

Check out more about the latest Rocket League Lucky Lanterns challenges and rewards over at the official website now.

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