Rockstar Details Red Dead Online – Blood Money

Rockstar devs have sent out a new trailer and released new information about the upcoming Red Dead Online content expansion, Blood Money. In the DLC, players will be able to take part in the criminal underworld of the RDO version of the Old West. Players will find new systems to explore as well as new rewards and bonuses to collect. Blood Money is launching on July 13th.

There are whispers in the alleys of Lemoyne’s capital that Guido Martelli — right-hand man and underboss to the infamous Angelo Bronte — needs gunslingers of strong constitution. Martelli is seeking to recover a valuable commodity known as Capitale. Originally devised as a unique system of exchange for more sensitive business dealings away from the watchful eyes of the taxman, it’s since ended up in the hands of nearly every lowlife across the five states. Now, Bronte and Martelli want it back — if you can find and return it, Martelli will reward you with access to more worthwhile criminal opportunities.

Here are some of the new features players can expect to find in Blood Money:

  • Visiting contacts supplied by Martelli opens up Crimes, a range of cloak-and-dagger coach hold-ups to multi-stage robberies. Crimes can be completed solo or in a Posse. Players will be collecting Capitale to return to Martinelli which might include hidden chests or even the remains of unfortunates who’ve met their demise. In Free Roam, players can find unlocked Homesteads and vulnerable Camps that are primed to be robbed.
  • Get enough Capitale for Martelli opens up Opportunities that appear periodically and involve multiple stages to collect information, weakening politicians, and much more. The first Opportunity will start July 13th.
  • The Quick Draw Club is a series of four passes that come in consecutive installments. Purchasing each allows players to unlock rewards, bonuses, and items as well as a few perks along the way. Passes cost 25 Gold Bars each which can be earned back by completing the Pass’s 25 Ranks.
  • Sill and Satchel Pamphlets will become available from the Fence. These include the ability to unlock Fast Travel from a Wilderness Camp. Outfits from past Outlaw Passes will be making a return.

Check out all of the details by visiting the Red Dead Online official site.

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