Rockstar Outlines a Month’s Worth of Fun in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online May 6 22

With a new month comes an entirely new month’s worth of Red Dead Online fun and profit. Rockstar has laid out all of the details where players can earn some serious RDO$ and Gold as well as XP and much more. Let’s take a look at what’s in store throughout May 2022.

  • Grab the free community outfit that includes everything a well-dressed cowpoke needs to look stylish
  • Each week, everyone earns 10 free Classic Oatcakes, Horse Meal, and Apples
  • Participate in a Nominated Series this week to earn 10 Capitale each and every week in May
  • Purchase a Weapon Modification and also receive 5 Special Horse Stimulants
  • Place in the top 3 in any 6 races this week for the Danube or Tasman Outfit
  • Check out returning limited-time clothing items
  • Take up to 50% off a plethora of items in a variety of categories
  • Tie a Prime Gaming account to a Rockstar Social Club account for the Flex Emote, a select colorway of the Espinal Double Bandolier, and a select colorway of the Windcliff Coat

All through May, Weekly Featured Series offers even more ways for players to unlock free goodies and discounts:

May 3 – May 9: Race Series

  • 4X RDO$ on Standard Races, 3X Gold on Open Races, and 5X XP on Target Races
  • 40% off a Bounty Hunter Novice or Promising Role Item for completing any Bounty Hunter Mission
  • 50% off the Fast Travel Post for completing “A One Horse Deal”

May 10 – May 16: Open Target Races and Overrun

  • 40% off a Collector Novice or Promising Role Item for Collectors who reach Rank 10 and above
  • RDO$100 bonus for winning 2 rounds of Open Target Races

May 17 – May 23: Races and Shootouts

  • Free Yehaw Emote for completing 10 Daily Challenges
  • Free Citadel Treasure Map for completing 2 Trader Sell Missions

May 24 – May 30: Select Races

  • Earn the Respectful Bow Emote for playing with a Persistent Posse
  • Free select colorway of the Levens Gun Belt for destroying 3 Revenue Agent Roadblocks

May 31 – June 6: Target Races and Capture Mode

  • Free select colorway of the Vaquero Baroque Spurs for placing in the Top 3 in any race this week
  • RDO$150 Bonus for purchasing any Pamphlet

Check out all of the details on the Red Dead Online official site.

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