Rod Fergusson tapped to oversee Blizzard’s Diablo franchise


Rod Fergusson is a familiar name to Gears of War fans since he has been the studio head of The Coalition for over 15 years. It appears, however, that Fergusson is ready for a change. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Fergusson will be joining the studio in March and that he has been tapped to oversee the entire Diablo franchise.

Fergusson comes to the Diablo series at a tenuous time in its history. At Blizzcon 2018, the company announced Diablo Immortal for mobile devices. To say that the announcement went over poorly is to greatly understate how upset many in the audience and the wider community were. In fact, the reaction was so bad, that it entered legendary meme status.

Diablo Immortal

At Blizzcon 2019, Diablo 4 was (finally) officially announced, the very thing fans had been looking for in 2018. While excitement is high for the fourth game in the beloved series, it has come with the caveat that alpha and/or beta testing is nowhere in sight and that there are no plans for a 2020 release.

Fergusson’s leadership is coming at a good time for Diablo with his experience managing a popular IP like Gears of War. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the development of the game after he officially joins up in March.

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