ROG Swift 360 Monitor Displays At A Ridiculous 360Hz

CES is just about here so Nvidia and Asus decided it was the right time to get ahead of the game and unveil the World’s first 360Hz monitor, for gaming of course.

Announced alongside a swanky new trailer, the brand new gaming monitor comes with some staggering specifications. The 24.5 inch display might only have a resolution of 1080p but even the best gaming displays normally top off at a whopping 240Hz. Backed up by Nvidia’s own G-Sync technology, the ROG Swift 360 is the type of monitor that might not be aimed at your average front room gamer.

Nothing But Speed

Assuming your computer can keep up, this monitor kicks up a frame every 2.8 ms, making the ROG Swift 360 is focused on rapid response times, giving gamers the edge in esports titles. This seems to fit the promo material for the hardware with esports pro Jordan Gilbert weighing in on the new monitor. Nvidia will be showing the new display at CES, which is imminent.

This is not the only thing that we can expect linked to the Nvidia stands at CES. We’re fully committed to cathing any announcements surrounding the hardware manufacturer’s Nvidia RTX 3000 7nm GPUs. The latest update to Nvidia’s desktop and laptop systems is likely going to see even more power and RTX cores shoved down our eyeballs, because why not. For a look at the new ROG Swift 360, you can check out the trailer above or maybe even head over to CES in person.

If you’re more interested in the other announcements at CES, we will be keeping an ear to the ground for more tech news as the press core shuffles around las Vegas in the hopes of seeing something shiny and new. Personally, I’m hoping for some news from the CPU wars as AMD continues to push Intel in the processor marketplace.


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